Unlocked handcuffs

Louisiana was founded by people looking for a second chance, an opportunity to begin anew.

But as technologies have improved, it has become harder for people to move on and leave the past behind. That’s especially true for people tarnished by brushes with the criminal justice system over mistakes they made when they were younger.

So we’re trying to help people start over, by reviewing our past coverage of minor criminal acts?that still lives online, surfacing inconveniently when someone is looking for a job, applying to a school or just trying to get a date.

To help out, we will consider on a case-by-case basis removing online articles, from NOLA.com, theadvocate.com and theadvocate.com/acadiana/, about non-violent criminal offenses involving individuals.

In all such cases, the accused must reach out for removal. The case must have worked its way to resolution through the courts, meaning charges were dismissed or a judgment of some sort was imposed. Jail or prison time associated with the charges must have been completed. We will consider expungements, though not exclusively.

We will not remove articles where the actions resulted in the loss of another person’s life.

Nor will we consider removal requests from public figures such as elected officials or celebrities.

To request story removal, please complete the form below.

If we decline to remove an article, we may elect to add an editor’s note atop the story to state the resolution of the case.

Reviewing these requests takes time, and we will take them up in the order received. Once we have reached a conclusion, we will reach out to the individual who made the request.

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