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James Guidroz stoops to peer into the fractured spare bedroom of his trailer on Morel Lane near Ventress, after the trailer was demolished by high winds and a possible tornado that affected some in Pointe Coup?e Parish the night before, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023. Guidroz was in the trailer at the time the winds hit, he said. The trailer was paid off, but unfortunately not insured, he explained.

The state and federal government could help us out regarding the high price of insurance.

If one suffers a financial loss in a calendar year, the government allows one to claim that loss on one's taxes. But if we buy insurance to protect against a loss, we cannot deduct the cost of the insurance from our taxes.

Therefore, it would seem reasonable to be able to deduct the cost of auto and home insurance from our taxes.

This would not make up for the rising price of insurance, but it definitely would help.



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