Whooping crane pair

A pair of whooping cranes stand in a Louisiana wetland.?

I appreciate your climate coverage, and the diversity of opinions on your editorial pages, including Cal Thomas' Sept. 10 article.

While I disagree with his thesis that climate change is a false narrative, I note his focus on published data and the scientists endorsing Climate Intelligence's statement that there is no climate emergency.

Other references indicate the majority of publishing climate scientists (reportedly 97%) agree that humans are causing global warming and climate change. Many, like the IPCC and NASA, include statistics on climate trends and urgency.

I do share Thomas' distaste for "hysteria" in reporting. Trying to induce panic may be effective when seeking eyeballs, but not when inspiring ongoing positive action; those who disagree are not moved, and those who agree can become too disheartened to act.

Whether you dismiss climate urgency, or you agree, as I do, that research indicates we have limited time to address the most significant impacts of increasing atmospheric temperature and decreasing biodiversity, there are measures that even Climate Intelligence recommends: innovation and adaptation.

Here are suggestions:

  • Welcome energy innovation. Louisiana has vast expertise in the energy industry, and we are well-positioned to take advantage of innovations under development. Renewable energy companies, like First Solar, bring opportunity and jobs.
  • Support permitting reform to expedite implementation of clean energy projects.
  • Implement a carbon border adjustment. Plans like Sen. Bill Cassidy's proposed "Foreign Pollution Fee" would help the U.S. remain competitive in foreign markets while reducing atmospheric carbon.

Individuals can support such measures and, for example, help improve biodiversity locally by growing native plants and restoring our Cajun prairie.

A lot of news emphasizes our differences and focuses on all the yelling. I believe if we take the time to listen and share ideas, we can design and implement effective solutions. We're all in this together.



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