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Misoprostol and mifepristone would be classified as a controlled dangerous substance under a Louisiana proposal.?

I would like to respond to the editorial regarding the making of misoprostol and mifepristone controlled dangerous substances.

The editorial only makes two arguments against the measure. It argues that the measure will "criminalize possession of the drugs without a prescription," and lead to "unnecessary delays and confusion because of the rules on how Schedule IV drugs must be stored and handled."

The first point is demonstrably false: It is already illegal to possess these drugs (or any prescription drugs) without a prescription under Louisiana law.

The second point is extraordinarily weak. I prescribe controlled dangerous substances such as oxycodone on a daily basis knowing that the drug can be harmful if abused. While it takes a few extra seconds to prescribe oxycodone due to identity verification, I support those safeguards, as we have all seen the harms of opiate overdose. Adding abortion drugs to the list can help stop the abuse of these drugs while still allowing the drugs to be used for purposes other than elective abortion. For those who dispense the drugs, the added steps would be minimal.

Regarding a possible "delay in care," it would literally only be seconds of additional verification. Besides, if the medication was needed in a true emergency, the treatment would be surgery rather than a slow-acting pill such as misoprostol.

It is dangerous that these abortion drugs can be purchased illegally right now online without a doctor being involved. If a pregnant woman takes an abortion drug without a physician's screening, it could lead to negative health outcomes, and even death, if an ectopic pregnancy is undetected.

I support the law to stop the illegal distribution of drugs that threatens the health of women and offends the safe practice of medicine.



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