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The Louisiana State Capitol is seen in the distance from River Road near Skip Bertman Drive, Thursday, March 28, 2024, in Baton Rouge, La.

What is happening in our great state of Louisiana in which we have a majority of our state's elected officials who want only to pass their negative views onto the masses of people?

I am referring to the rush job in which the governor and his allies rammed their views down the throats of the people of this state during the crime session and did not offer any solutions to the many issues that are plaguing the state.

Why is our governor in such a rush to pass laws that only tap at the problem and not offer any type of solution to our major crime problem? The question that should be asked of our governor is how are his solutions on how to curb the rise in violence and crime in our cities going to work.

One must look at many solutions and not just try and throw a law in the books that will not solve the crime issue.?


Baton Rouge

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