The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company, blending some of the playwright's iconic works and planning a "secret new works project," will launch its 10th season in March.

"Orpheus Descending," a robust Southern snapshot, will coincide with the Tennessee Williams and New Orleans Literary Festival.

Slated for Marquette Theatre at Loyola University, the drama is a look at a Mississippi Delta town when a stranger arrives, drawing the interest of the women and the ire of the men.

Maggie, Brick and Big Daddy hit the scene for "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," perhaps one of Williams' most classic tales of skewed Southern family life, in summer 2025.

The two shows will be directed by A.J. Correro, founding co-artistic director.

Also on the boards will be "Out Cry: The Two Character Play," a unique Williams piece that looks at siblings abandoned in a desolate theater, prepared to perform. Beau Bratcher will direct.

Lagniappe offerings by the company will include an ongoing workshop of an adaptation of Williams' novel, "Moise and the World of Reason" by playwright Justin Maxwell.

Also included will be a "secret new work project" in development.?

Officials with the company note the lagniappe works "showcase different perspectives on aspects of Williams' work," focusing on the strong local LGBTQ+ community.

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