Rain was pouring and streets in some neighborhoods across New Orleans flooded Saturday, but that didn't stop the Christmas parade from rolling downtown.?

And it's no different after Twelfth Night. Because that's when Carnival begins and Mardi Gras season goes into full swing across the Big Easy.?

A little bad weather doesn't stop krewes from rolling, the music from blaring or the people from coming out to party, dance and catch throws in the celebrations that lead up to the start of Lent?

Mardi Gras has become synonymous with New Orleans for many around the world, and is often the most popular time of the year to visit the Crescent City.

But has Mardi Gras revelry ever been canceled New Orleans??

The city has been forced to cancel parades and other large Mardi Gras celebrations only a few times in modern history.

Here's a look at the times Mardi Gras has been canceled here, according to Nola.com archives and historian Arthur Hardy:

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